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    • Beth Cochran

      Beth Cochran is a business pioneer. Serving national and international multi-million dollar companies since 1997, her firm was one of the first in satellite companies in the business of communications for the outdoor and ski industry. She is... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Todd Cooley

      Todd Cooley is a public relations and communications consultant, public speaker and certified visibility coach. Over the past three decades he has counseled a diverse array of companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Nissan, Fidelity Investments,... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Karen Dana

      I have twenty years of experience leading teams and championing domestic and global marketing projects for brands like Sperry Top-Sider, McDonalds, Carnival Cruiselines, Progressive Insurance and Volvo. I have also served as a marketing... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Jane Dvorak

      With strategy as the core focus, Jane gives members the ability to see where they shine within their industry, their market and stakeholder arenas. She helps take companies to the highest level within their industries and disciplines as... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Suzanne Dwyer

      Suzanne has been in marketing for 17 years. She developed a marketing firm 10 years ago to assist business owners in receiving affordable marketing services. She moved into coaching to really get to the biggest problem most small business owners... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Tracy Fagan

      Tracy Fagan brings over 25 years of marketing experience from the corporate and small business world. She has a passion for working with small business owners who are focused on living out their life’s purpose. She loves experiencing the... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Jeff Fisher

      Jeff Fisher has been a Small Business Development Coach since 2007 and is a trusted advisor and coach to many small business owners and corporate executives. Jeff prides himself on creating safe and open environments based on trust, levity, and... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Lynn Jereb

      If you’re a business leader looking for strategic marketing insight from an award-winning Creative Director, marketing consultant, Executive Leadership Coach, and business owner with a proven track record for exceeding client expectations and... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Kelly O'Neill

      For over 20 years, Kelly has served global clients, customers and employers from start-ups to global Fortune 1000 companies collaborating to deliver valued solutions, introducing new products/services, and companies to market. She has held... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction

    • Ashley Williams

      Ashley continues to build on her 20 years of marketing and communications leadership and consulting experience to add value for her clients, but what makes her most excited about working with you as a member of The Visibility Coach is her deep... Learn More and Watch Video Introduction