Finally, high-level business marketing mentors at an affordable price!

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Learn what The Visibility Coach can do to help boost your small business! Watch this explainer video to learn more.
Face it — Your small business can’t afford an expensive marketing firm, and you don’t want to hire a “kid” who doesn't understand business.

Pick the brain of real, experienced
marketing experts

Marketing your small business is important, but complicated. How do you know where to spend your time and precious dollars? Our members get to meet each month with their own experienced, certified Visibility Coach to help them understand their competitors, craft messages that differentiate their business and get customers!

Boost your small business marketing with your own, certified, experienced and affordable Visibility Coach!

What is a “Visibility Coach?”

Your Business &
Marketing Mentor

Certified Visibility Coaches are true marketing experts from around the world with a minimum of ten years of proven marketing experience and success. Some of our most experienced coaches have over a quarter century of knowledge and experience. Visibility Coach candidates go through a rigorous screening process and an in-person certification program to ensure a high-level of expertise, marketing mastery and business coaching skills.

Between the high cost of an ad agency and the inexperience of a recent college grad, lies the best option to boost the marketing of your small business — An affordable, experienced Visibility Coach!

Member Benefits

Affordable Business Coaching

You choose your own experienced business marketing coach.

Exclusive Publications and Videos

Weekly Tip Sheet, Magazines and Coach Videos

Meet Twice Each Month

One-on-one coaching in person, by phone or over live video chat.

Member Conventions

Exclusive invitation to member-only gatherings around the world!

Easy Online Scheduling

Your schedule in the palm of your hand.

Webinars, Books and More

Opportunities to learn from CEO David Avrin and all of our experienced Coaches!

Member Benefits

As a member of The Visibility Coach, you get to select your own marketing coach to meet with twice a month, either in-person, online or by phone. You decide what works for you together. The ongoing work conversations will help you gain insights, learn creative tactics and offer a measure of accountability to help you stay on track with your efforts.

Every week, you will receive our weekly “V.C. Tip-Sheet” featuring creative and innovative marketing, PR and sales ideas to help you grow your business. Members can visit past issues online to build your library of genius ideas, strategies and tactics!

Our monthly newsletter: The Visibility Coach will offer articles, ideas, insights and success stories from our Visibility Coaches around the world with lessons from the front lines of our members.

Member Benefits

You will also receive a complimentary subscription to our quarterly, full-color magazine: Small Business Marketing — The Visibility Coach Magazine, featuring interviews and articles with business leaders, celebrities, media and more.

Annual conferences will bring together small business owners members and professionals from across America and around the world to share insights, learn from top speakers, authors and experts in marketing, strategic branding and sales.

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